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Meditating on Scripture

How often do I soak in the scriptures? How often do I meditate on the things of God? Not often enough. To help myself, and perhaps to help you, I have created a series of ambient music and meditation tracks. They are all about 20 minutes long and are intended to create space in the storm of life. This instrumental… Read more →

Let Everything Be Filled by You — Lyrics and Discussion

Let Everything be Filled by You is a Communion song, plain and simple. It echoes Jesus’ time with the disciples at the last supper, relating that the fullness of life He promised then, is available to those who follow Him now. When I participating in Communion am I submitting myself to the will of God? How is Communion both a… Read more →

Anticipating — Lyrics and Discussion

Romans 8:22-27 speaks of all creation groaning for new life, and the spirit interceding through “wordless groans.” This verse struck me as I also read John 12:13 where the people laid down palm branches and cried out “Hosanna! (God saves!)” This holy expectation came together in the song “Anticipating,” which was written with Palm Sunday specifically in mind. It is… Read more →

You can feel the fake trees on the album, they add a certain vibe that you can't get from Nashville studios.

Passion from the Library Studio

The “Passion” album is the result of a lot of good will from my church, First Baptist of Prineville, that have allowed me to haunt the church library and convert it into a “studio.” I don’t know how many times I freaked somebody out, walking out from behind the sanctuary in the dark with a wild look in my eyes… Read more →

YWMH Passion Cover_Crucifix2

Passion Album Artwork

I am excited to share with you the artwork for the first YWMH album “Passion.” The album contains six tracks and have a run time of roughly 30 minutes. Topically, the album follows the order of Holy Week, from Palm Sunday through Easter. A special thank you to Adam Scott for allowing me to use an image of his crucifix… Read more →