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Joyful Joyful — Lyrics and Discussion

Joyful Joyful is an electro-acoustic arrangement of the classic hymn, a perfect celebration song for resurrection (see Luke 24). Christ is risen, He is risen indeed! Do I know Jesus Christ and trust Him in life and in death? Can God really remake the heavens and the Earth? Does knowing God cause a joy to spring up in my heart?… Read more →

Were You There? — Lyric and Discussion

Were You There? Is an ethereal reworking of the old hymn that asks the question “Were you there when they crucified my Lord?” It offers reflection on the crucifixion, guiding the listener from the foot of the cross to the empty tomb with the powerful imagery of the original lyric (See Luke 23). Is the death of Christ a daily… Read more →

On the Night — Lyrics and Discussion

On the Night is a bluesy, glitchy, story song, (see Luke 22, Matthew 26:36 – 46) following the disciples and Jesus from the last supper to the garden, including Christ’s betrayal. This is the most intense song on the album, channeling the confusion, loss and despair the disciples must have felt that night at their understanding of Jesus and His… Read more →

Let Everything Be Filled by You — Lyrics and Discussion

Let Everything be Filled by You is a Communion song, plain and simple. It echoes Jesus’ time with the disciples at the last supper, relating that the fullness of life He promised then, is available to those who follow Him now. When I participating in Communion am I submitting myself to the will of God? How is Communion both a… Read more →

Anticipating — Lyrics and Discussion

Romans 8:22-27 speaks of all creation groaning for new life, and the spirit interceding through “wordless groans.” This verse struck me as I also read John 12:13 where the people laid down palm branches and cried out “Hosanna! (God saves!)” This holy expectation came together in the song “Anticipating,” which was written with Palm Sunday specifically in mind. It is… Read more →