Happy New Year…Happy New Album: COSMIC

Happy 2016…may it be a year of prayer! Today we are launching “COSMIC” — 3 songs and nearly 60 minute of music and prayers designed to tune your ears to the word of God. The songs are ambient…kind of spacey. If you like “hearts of space,”  early Pink Floyd, or Boards of Canada you may enjoy popping on some headphones… Read more →

Releasing COSMIC — January 1st, 2016

In just a few weeks we will be releasing COSMIC, a 3 song collection of long-form worship/meditation music. This music is ambient (like Hearts of Space) and is intended to guide the listener through a time of prayer. We will be posting more shortly about how to get the music (It will be on NoiseTrade and SoundCloud) but wanted to… Read more →

Immersive Worship: Bringing Together VJs and DJs

I am always excited about bringing together visuals and music for the glory of God. This week I am hanging out with my friends at Morethan12 in Vancouver, BC — they are truly leading the way in integrating hip-hop, electronic music, ambient, and visuals as part of immersive worship. Here’s just a snippet of some late night playing around.   Read more →

Defining Worship

Last year I was part of a 9-month theology and worship seminar. The very first (and very last) assignment of the seminar was this: To write a definition of Christian worship. This might seem easy…maybe even elementary…but I challenge you to try it. Define Christian worship in a sentence or two. It’s not easy (Perhaps in a future post I… Read more →

New Song by Fireside: Morning Star

I just bought an Olympus digital voice recorder (WS-822) for some research interviews that I’ll be conducting and I thought I would also see how it does recording guitar and voice. I turned the recorder on and set it front of me, with the crackle of the fireplace the only noise in the room. “What should I play?” I thought…and… Read more →

Desperate for You

I was recently reminded of the words from the chorus of the worship song “Breathe” (and I’m desperate for you) as I have been discussing worship with others at my church. The topic has come up because for the most part, we’re realizing that as a group we’re not desperate…we’re self-sufficient, self-satisfied and reliant on our prosperity. We are comfortable,… Read more →

Why Longform Worship?

We rush. We are busy people. Time is money. The devil has our coat tails. A culture of worry and hurry can (and has) informed the way we gather and the way we worship. How many times do you check your watch or phone during a worship service? How easily do you become bored during a sermon? We have allowed… Read more →

A Worship Experiment: New Article on Worship Leader Magazine

Over the past few years I have been experimenting with interactive elements in worship gatherings. This has culminated in The Worship Lab, a project that was kindly funded by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. Over the past year I have led a team in finding new ways to draw our congregation into new forms of worship, including spiritual disciplines.… Read more →

Meditating on Scripture

How often do I soak in the scriptures? How often do I meditate on the things of God? Not often enough. To help myself, and perhaps to help you, I have created a series of ambient music and meditation tracks. They are all about 20 minutes long and are intended to create space in the storm of life. This instrumental… Read more →

YWMH — Passion Chord Charts

Hello, here are the chord charts for the songs on the YWMH Passion album. Enjoy the music! Anticipating_Leadsheet Let Everything Be Filled by You Leadsheet On the Night Leadsheet Were You There Leadsheet Joyful Joyful Leadsheet Read more →