Singing Faith

What do you believe, and why? This is a critical question for all people and I believe the history of the church has something to say about it. This question…”how do you know what you know?” is the basis for epistemology — the study of knowing. Christians generally believe that scripture, the history of the church, human reason, and spiritual experience are all factors in knowing.

I believe a critical part of knowing “reality” is in recognizing the tension between these factors — knowing that our experiences are interpreted through our mental models, and that our reason is based on assumption. Because our reason and experience are limited, study of the scriptures and church tradition are critical in developing a mature Christian faith.

This is why I have tried to incorporate these elements in my songwriting. It is important that our songs not only allow us to express our feelings toward God, but that they also guide the development of our faith by being based on scripture and guidance of 2000 years of church history.

I hope that you find this to be true in the songs of YWMH. I invite you to listen to our first EP “Passion,” a musical account of the activities of Holy Week, from Palm Sunday to Easter. (It’s free!)

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