Happy New Year…Happy New Album: COSMIC

Happy 2016…may it be a year of prayer! Today we are launching “COSMIC” — 3 songs and nearly 60 minute of music and prayers designed to tune your ears to the word of God. The songs are ambient…kind of spacey. If you like “hearts of space,”  early Pink Floyd, or Boards of Canada you may enjoy popping on some headphones and and drifting off for some guided meditative prayer with COSMIC.

The tracks are:

“Confession” is a swirling, ethereal piece of music that plays with musical dissonance, resolving in a prayer of confession. Musically, the peace brings twinges of conscience, presenting harmonic themes that musically and spiritually raise the listener’s sensitivity.

Our Father
“Our Father” is a breathy piece that leads directly into the Lord’s prayer. Throughout, the sound of angelic synthesizers provide a sense of the “great cloud of witnesses” that endlessly worship God throughout all of time and space.

“Trinity” progressively stacks synthesizer themes into an ocean of sound, perfect for contemplating the mysteries of God. mid-way through the track a section of the Nicene creed is recited, guiding the listener to reflect on the nature of God revealed in the Trinity.


You can find COSMIC on NoiseTrade. Download and enjoy!

COSMIC is coming...space for your soul.

COSMIC is here…space for your soul.

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