Desperate for You

I was recently reminded of the words from the chorus of the worship song “Breathe” (and I’m desperate for you) as I have been discussing worship with others at my church. The topic has come up because for the most part, we’re realizing that as a group we’re not desperate…we’re self-sufficient, self-satisfied and reliant on our prosperity. We are comfortable, we are insular…above all things, we avoid pain and discomfort.

The kicker is that living such a life is not rooted in the gospel. It is sinful. It doesn’t recognize that being a part of God’s kingdom means relying on the King.

Coming to this realization can prompt a number of reactions. One reaction is to create pain in order to manufacture desperation…this only plays into our desire for control. Seeking discomfort, even for “good reasons” is still idolatry —  true worship requires submission to the person of God. Still, the scriptures promise trials for those who follow Christ…this is the way of the cross, our honor for being His followers.

I believe there is a better way though, it is the way of devotion. It is the quality of life that comes from critical reflection our relationship with God. It is the desperate devotion resulting from being cornered by God’s love. This desperate devotion results in practicing the presence of God throughout all of life.

Historically revival hasn’t come from comfortable, self-satisfied people who believe in a therapeutic Jesus. It has come from people who abandon all for the sake of following Christ. When we abandon ourselves we prepare our hearts for true desperation for God.

I invite you to take a moment and reflect with me.

  • Am I desperate for God?
  • How do I rely on God in my day-to-day life?
  • Does the Spirit of God permeate every area of my life?
  • Where in my life am I avoiding pain…and avoiding God?


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