Why Longform Worship?

We rush. We are busy people. Time is money. The devil has our coat tails. A culture of worry and hurry can (and has) informed the way we gather and the way we worship. How many times do you check your watch or phone during a worship service? How easily do you become bored during a sermon?

We have allowed ourselves to be trained to be distracted. The world wants our eyeballs to be searching…always searching, scanning, and consuming marketing. This is not of God.

My own hectic life is what has driven me to create something quite contrary in the world of worship music. I have been creating some “longform” pieces of ambient music. These pieces are all over 15 minutes long, each with a theme intended to draw the listener into a mindset of Christian meditation.
Though I have enjoyed strapping on headphones and listening to The Boards of Canada or Bibio while praying, it made sense to me to create music that was intentionally Christian (using scripture for voice overs, titles and themes related to the Christian God).

This new collection of music (named: COSMIC) will be released this fall. Here is a snippet.

The music will be available on NoiseTrade (and perhaps other places) and I am working on holding a music release party (What do you do at an ambient music release party? If you have ideas let me know!)

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