Devotional Music for the Christian Life

Psalm 119:11 - I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.

When Albums Write Themselves – Preludes and Prayers

I had no intention of doing another instrumental album this fall…then I got Abelton. Also around the same time I got Abelton and a Launchpad I was asked to write and play electronic prelude and postlude music for my church. I started writing, and almost nightly I came up with new tracks that seemed prayers as much as preludes. Much… Read more →

Creating Hot Beats: The Discipline of Joy

I have been playing with Abelton Live the past few weeks, staying up late and creating new musical motifs. This playtime is quite joyful to me…time gets lost…I feel lost in the flow of creativity. It’s similar to the headspace of writing software, or doing sudoku. It is challenging and playful at the same time. I recall Victor Frankl writing… Read more →

The Story of COSMIC

I have always found a unique spiritual dimension to psychedelic music. I enjoy the way that even without the use of substances, this music opens my mind to new planes of experience. I grew up mostly listening to soundtrack music and classical music, then discovered the Beatles and Pink Floyd. The ability to really get lost in the music, to… Read more →